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  • Repairs and maintenance*
  • Regular site inspections
  • Unit inspections and action recommendations
  • Managing sub-contractors and negotiating on behalf of Association
  • Preparing contract and bid specifications
Complex Clean Up Days: Clean ups occur bi-weekly and we assume 2 to 3 hours per pick-up session.

Power Washing: We will power wash sections of the building 4 days out of the year. Locations to be washed are based on need.

Annual Gutter Cleaning: We will clean the gutters every November or when requested after the fall season or when the trees have shed their leaves.

Light Repair and replacement work: We will provide light repair work for fencing, signage, lighting and more as part of our all inclusive package. We will replace light bulbs and caulk windows at no additional cost.

* Please be advised that larger projects or work requiring significant on site time and skill level will require a job estimate.

To request a proposal, a sales brochure or to just learn more please call 203-592-0400 or contact us.