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Project Management

Propertyworx undertakes and initiates new development and conversion projects on behalf of private investors - and acts as a consultant/supervisor for every project.

In this function, Propertyworx administers all the intricate tasks involved in such an undertaking, supplying the direction, supervision and professional skills required to ensure the success of the development project.

The broad-ranging functions of Propertyworx Management, in acting as project supervisor and general contractor, are to:
  1. Initiate a feasibility study to establish highest functional and financial use.
  2. Prepare an economic analysis to establish budgets.
  3. Investigate, select and acquire the most suitable location.
  4. Direct the building program to meet the sponsor's requirements.
  5. Select the design group, including architects, engineers, space planners, etc. and to negotiate their contracts.
  6. Direct the design development program.
  7. Establish the construction budget and schedule.
  8. Review the selection of subcontractors and the purchase of equipment.
  9. Establish cost control for design and construction program.
  10. Establish cash flow requirements.
  11. Establish leasing and property management programs for the project.

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