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Investment Groups

Propertyworx has expertise in the successful selection and structuring of real estate investment opportunities for real estate investment groups.

We meet the needs of individual real estate investors by structuring profitable transactions that reflect the sophisticated legal and accounting considerations which are the keystones of a successful venture.

We have the ability to select investment objectives which most adequately fit the needs of an individual investor or investor group - whether preservation of capital, potential capital appreciation, or income.

All Propertyworx group ventures are structured so that the sponsor's principal compensation is earned only after investors have received the return of their original capital contribution, plus a minimum return on their investment. This insures that the venture must be profitable before Propertyworx earns its compensation. Thus, the expertise of the sponsor in a group-investment venture becomes vital in the successful operation of such a venture, and the goals of Propertyworx, as a group investment sponsor are congruent with those of its individual investor partners.

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